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Static Mixers

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Efficient and economical!

Efficient and economical!

Efficient and economical!

Header - Entec Static mixers

ENTEC® static mixers

An innovative and energy-saving alternative to a stirrer in a tank. A static mixer efficiently mixes any combination of liquids and / or gases, solids and slurries with the motionless technology. The result: an optimized end product and considerable cost savings!

Very efficient mix of different components.
Energy saving and no maintenance due to the motionless technology.
Drastic saving of additives.
No investment in extra storage tanks or external drives.
Relatief lage aanschafkosten.
Optimization of the end product.
Short delivery time.
No moving parts.
No spare parts.
Very long service life.
Available according to every customer specification.
No clogging and self-cleaning.

The only necessary characteristic of the products is that they must be pumpable. Both high and low viscous materials can be processed without problems. The ENTEC® static mixers can be realized in almost every size and type of material, in accordance with international standards.

Different types of static mixers

The ENTEC® static mixers can be divided into three main groups. Click on the relevant type for more information per type.

Applicable everywhere!

Some examples of common applications are:

Wastewater- and Drinking Water Treatment
– pH control
– Chlorination
– Flocculation / coagulation
– Air / Gas mixing
– Ozonizing (disinfecting and removing pesticides)
– Insert O2 / O3
– Dilute polyelectrolyte
– Polymer dosing in sludge

Oil and Gas Production
– Skimming H2S from crude oil
– Glycol Gas drying
– Analyze water in crude oil
– Wash LNG / LPG Gas processes

Chemical processes
– Gas / Liquid mixing
– Laminar and turbulent mixing reaction

Plastic fiber spinning / Polymer fabrication
– Thermal leveling
– Cooling laminar polymer stream
– Polymer continuous control
– Monomer / Polymer reactor

General applications
– Boiler water treatment
– Steam temperature reduction (low pressure)
– Hot water production
– Consumer gas mixing / odor addition

– Steam injection / distillation
– In-Line gas washers
– Work up heavy oil
– Mix H2C2 gas and liquid

Pulp & Paper manufacture
– Checking the water supply
– Bleaching of pulp stock
– Addition of colorants and bleaches
– Various treatments of coatings and additives

– Compact gas mixing systems for ozonation
– Flow reactors with complicated mixers
– Walk reactor systems
– Residence time-controlled reaction mixers
– Laminar high-pressure mixers for cooling
– Laminar heat exchanger


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