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Header - Entec Static Channel mixers

ENTEC® Static Channel mixers

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Type ESKM-9.0 channel mixers for perfect mixing.
Also for your WWTP!

Type ESKM-9.0 channel mixers for perfect mixing.
Also for your WWTP!

Type ESKM-9.0 channel mixers for perfect mixing.
Also for your WWTP!

Header - Entec Static Channel mixers

ENTEC® Channel mixers of the ESKM-9.0

Independent tests have shown that the ESKM concept is the most efficient of all known static mixers. ESKM mixing elements are ideal for adding chemical agents as a fundamental part of the total water treatment. Overdose due to poor mixing is thus prevented. The saving on chemical agents is therefore considerable! The plug flow properties of the ESKM elements are also very suitable for improving the effectiveness of UV disinfection units.

No maintenance and energy saving.
No investment in storage tanks.
Relatively low investments.
Optimization of water quality.
Short delivery time.
No clogging and self-cleaning.
ENTEC® Channel mixers: Very variable implementation possibilities

Large variables are possible, both in length / width ratio for square or almost rectangular ones, as well as for narrow deep and / or wide shallow channels. Curved channel mixers can also be realized. The described advantages and the high efficiency of the channel mixers apply to almost any scale. Channel mixers up to a width of 7 m and a depth of 5 m, which process 7 m3 / sec, can easily be realized.

Applicable to:
• Waste water treatment
• Chemical dosage
• pH control
• Fast coagulant addition
• Polyelectrolitic dosage
• Flocculation
• Chlorination
• Nitrate removal

ESKM mixing elements can be supplied in very different designs and sizes. They are not standard elements and they are therefore always adapted to the customer-specific situation. These can, for example, be used in after settling tanks for monitoring the pH value.

We would like to tell you more about the possibilities of these mixers within your sector. For more information and / or free advice for your installation: please contact us!