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Header - Entec Static mixers

Static Mixers

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Efficient and economical!

Efficient and economical!

Efficient and economical!

Header - Entec Static mixers

Below you will find a brief overview of the available models within the ESM-Series and the corresponding features. We are always happy to tell you more about the possibilities of these mixers within your sector. For more information and/or free advice for your installation: please contact us here!

Static Mixers – ESM-Series
Benefits of the ESM-Series
High mixing efficiency.
No moving parts = no maintenance.
Easy installation.
No drive = energy saving.
Minimum installation space.
Available in all dimensions.
Available in any type of material according to customer specifications.
Static Mixer | ESM-1.1/1.5

Element type: STT, STS, STL and STM
Area of application: food, oil and gas industry, petrochemicals, pulp and paper production. General design in steel/special, with fixed and/or removable elements and a standard finish. Available with heating-/cooling jackets and injectors-/connection points.

Static Mixer | ESM-2.0

Element type: STT and STS
Area of application: food, pharmaceutical and soft drink industry, breweries. Hygienic design in polished stainless steel with removable elements, in a custom finish. Designed for CIP, available in IDF, RJT, DIN and with metal end connections. Injectors, heating-/cooling jackets are also available.

Static Mixer | ESM-3.0

Element type: STS
Application: CPI, water treatment, petrochemical and chemical industry. Corrosion-proof design with removable elements in full PTFE, carbon/stainless steel housing or entirely made of PTFE. Available with PTFE/PFA injectors and heating-/cooling jackets.

Static Mixer | ESM-4.0

Element type: STS
Application area: water and wastewater treatment, bathing water CPI. uPVC, PP and HDPE design in a practical corrosion-resistant version, with fixed elements in a housing with a flange or thread connection, complete with injectors/connection points.

Static Mixer | ESM-5.0/5.5

Element type: STM
Application area: distillation, waste water and drinking water treatment, CPI. Large diameters (> 250 mm) designed in fiberglass-reinforced plastic with fixed elements, fitted with flange connections and possibly injectors/connection points.

Static Mixer | ESM-6.0/6.5

Element type: STL
Area of application: waste water and drinking water treatment, distillation. Large diameters (250-3,000 mm) standard design in steel/stainless steel, with an epoxy finish and solid elements. Equipped with flat flanges and injectors/connection points.

Static Mixer | ESM-7.0

Element type: STT and STS.
Area of application: manufacture of plastic fibers/polymers and the food industry. Special mixers with a high-quality surface finish. Welded elements, suitable for high temperatures and pressures, polymer production, thermal leveling and extrusion at melting temperatures.

Static Mixer | ESM-8.0/8.5

Element type: STT, STS, STL and STM.
Area of application: oil and gas industry, petrochemical industry, CPI and the food and pharmaceutical industry.

In addition to the ESM-Series, Entec also has other types of static mixers in its range, so that we can always meet your demand.
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