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Entec EF-300

Entec EF-600

Entec EF-900

Entec EF-1200

Entec EF-1800

Entec EF-2700

Electrostatic filters separate solid and liquid pollutants from the air using electrical energy. The working principle of the electrostatic filter is based on the mutual attraction of opposite poles.

This type of filter:

* Minimizes a wide range of unwanted pollutants such as: smoke, oil, soot, odor and dust.

* Minimizes the risk of fire.

* Has a very high efficiency and a productivity of at least 98%.

* Removes almost all visible contaminants.

* Achieves 99% efficiency in filtering smoke.

* Is an indispensable product for sterilizing workplaces.

* Long lasting and can be used for years without damage due to the cleanable elements.

* Avoids the problem of ‘legal requirements’ for companies, as no chimney permit is required.

* Comes plug and play.

* Minimizes damage to nature thanks to low energy consumption, 1 filter module consumes 100W of                  energy per hour.    

* Works silently because silent fans are used.

Wide range of application:

– Food facilities, industrial kitchens and the textile sector.

– Smoking areas and cafes where the formation of dirty air is unavoidable.

– Stoves, barbecues, ovens, kitchens, dining rooms, industrial machines, smoking rooms, laboratories,               printing houses, injection machines and laser cutting machines.    

There are 6 models available. When designing the models, the needs of different capacities and degrees of pollution have been taken into account.

There are some criteria to consider to select the right filter:

* Flow rate.

* Type of pollutant.

* Density.

We are happy to advise you in your choice!


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