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Het homogeniseren en in beweging houden van vloeistoffen met een laag energieverbruik!

Het homogeniseren en in beweging houden van vloeistoffen met een laag energieverbruik!

Reliable products from our partner AquaConsult, offered by Entec Holland.

Header - Entec Voortstuwers
Why choose Aerostrip®?

After 25 years of research, the Aerostrip has been optimized to what it is today. The PUR (polyurethane) membrane extends the lifespan of your aeration system to a maximum of 20 years, with an average of 15 years!

The extra small openings in the membrane ensure that very small air bubbles are introduced into the tank. The smaller the bubble, the greater the surface area from which the oxygen can be delivered to the sludge in the process and the smaller the rate of rise.

In addition, the diffuser is mounted directly on the ground, which “adds” an extra 20 to 23cm of headroom compared to conventional aeration elements.

In short, the Aerostrip diffuser is in almost all cases the most efficient way of aeration for your process.

Disc diffuser
Plate diffuser
Tube diffuser
Direct assembly possible on the reactor floor?
Air flow <25 Nm³/h per m²
Air flow >60 Nm³/h per m²
Bottom coverage <15%
Bottem coverage >30%
Membrane plasticizer free?
⮿ or ✓
⮿ or ✓
Membrane life time up to 20 years
Assembly and service feasible through 1 person?
Easy and short assembly?
High and operational safety
Why Aerostrip?
Better Efficiency & Immersion Depth

The extra small openings in the membrane ensure that very small air bubbles are introduced into the tank. The smaller the bubble, the larger the surface area from which the oxygen can be delivered to the process and the slower the bubble rises (positive for the retention time of the air bubble).

Both the Type Q and Type T Aerostrips are mounted directly on the bottom of the tank. This is in contrast to conventional aeration systems where, due to the required mounting on pipework, it is assumed that the bubbles are introduced from approximately 25 cm above the bottom. For the Aerostrips, a distance of approximately 5 cm applies for the type Q aerator and va. 2 cm for the Type T aerator. This means that the rise height of the bubbles with the Aerostrip is already 20-23cm more than comparable systems!

Process of Bubbels & Efficiency

The membranes of the Aerostrip are all provided with very small perforations, which means that the rate of rise of the small bubbles is lower than with comparable systems.

With an equal volume of air introduced, the system with the smallest bubbles will provide the largest combined surface area from which the oxygen is transferred to the process. This fact alone ensures that efficiency values are a lot cheaper for the Aerostrips when you compare it with other systems. Beyond that, a smaller bubble ensures a slower rise, and therefore a longer retention time. All this means that the Aerostrip can offer the most efficient solution in almost all situations!

Why Aerostrip?

Only extruded polyurethane is used for the AEROSTRIP® membrane.

For the AEROSTRIP® membrane extruded polyurethane is used exclusively. Unlike EPDM, it contains no fillers or plasticizers. While black rubber membranes generally lose their elasticity – reducing the efficiency of the system – the membrane properties of polyurethane remain unchanged due to their composition.

This fact is demonstrated by a service life of up to 15 years, in some cases even up to 20 years.


Top quality material, proven design, research-based engineering – all this combines in the AEROSTRIP® fine bubble diffuser to create a high-efficiency product.

Thanks to the low profile, the extremely durable membranes can be installed directly on the bottom of an aerated tank, resulting in an unbeatable full blow depth. The product design offers a modular and flexible solution, leading to a high-efficiency surface dedicated to aeration, regardless of the geometry and dimensions of the tanks.
During operation, the highest possible safety is guaranteed when supplying air to grilles arranged in small groups. The modules with AEROSTRIP ® are ideal for these applications



The AEROSTRIP® fine air diffuser can be manufactured with a plastic or stainless steel housing. These high-quality materials guarantee resistance to all substances mentioned in the German technical recommendation DWA-M 115-2, as accepted in the biological phase of a wastewater treatment plant.

Energy saving

With economic factors in mind, the ability to save energy creates an opportunity for return on investment (ROI) within two to five years.


The product quality is confirmed through permanent in-house testing of all components against stress, fatigue, temperature, tolerances, tensile forces, and situations met in real life, during operation in the plant. Preventive maintenance and service every five years will keep the efficiency levels inside the designed ranges. Replacing the membranes after the expected lifespan may double the life of the diffuser system with AEROSTRIP ®.

Ease of maintenance

On demand AEROSTRIP® fine bubble diffusers may be mounted straight to the floor, avoiding sedimentation of suspended solids and creation of dead spots underneath the diffusers.
The 0.6 mm thickness of membrane does not allow “any room” for deposits inside pores.

On request, AEROSTRIP® fine air diffusers can be mounted directly on the floor, which prevents sedimentation of suspended particles and the formation of dead spots under the diffusers.

The membrane thickness of 0.6 mm leaves no room for deposits in the pores.


A reliable tool for the design and sizing of the aeration system, including process guarantee for oxygen transfer, is available on request.