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Header - Entec Fine bubble aeration

ENTEC® Fine bubble aeration

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Strongest membrane | Smallest bubble
Optimal aeration with the Entec aeration discs

Strongest membrane | Smallest bubble
Optimal aeration with the Entec aeration discs

Strongest membrane | Smallest bubble
Optimal aeration with the Entec aeration discs

Header - Entec Fine bubble aeration

ENTEC® fine bubble aeration discs consist of an EPDM membrane and a polypropylene housing. Due to their constant development, the ENTEC® aeration membranes have an excellent efficiency and a long service life with the additional advantage of low maintenance costs.

ENTEC® Fine bubble aerators

Depending on the application, load and composition of the liquid, different coatings can be applied such as, for example, PTFE. The Entec aeration discs can be supplied in two sizes: 9 \”and 12\”.

Areas of application: Industrial and communal aeration basins.
Version: Polypropylene dishes with EPDM membrane. Various additional coating options such as PTFE and fEPDM.
New and on existing installations, fixed on the basin floor or retractable.
Low maintenance. Almost no maintenance with normal use.
9" Designflow:
1.5 - 3.0 SCFM (2.5 - 5.0 Sm3/hr)
9" Range:
0 - 7 SCFM (0 - 12 Sm3/hr)
9" Active surface:
0.0375 m2
12"Design flow:
2.5 - 5.0 SCFM (4.2 - 8.3 Sm3/hr)
12" Range:
0 - 12 SCFM (0 - 20 Sm3/hr)
12" Active surface:
0.065 m2)

The R&D department had the express task of developing an aeration dish and aeration membrane that can easily measure up to the top in available quality from other suppliers on the world market. In particular in the field of energy saving and increasing efficiency. We are convinced that the R&D department has achieved a very good result and that a membrane aeration disc has been created with many advantages.

The advantage is clearly expressed in the amount of kg of O2 / kWh. This determines what the annual energy costs will be and the efficiency can be traced to this. The kg O2 / kWh achieved by the ENTEC® fine bubble aerators is rarely equaled.

Entec supplies from individual aeration discs to complete installations. The complete installations can be permanently mounted on the bassin floor or can be designed as a removable variant.

Low maintenance, high efficiency | ENTEC® fine bubble aerators

Maintenance is expensive on an aeration system, which is why the ENTEC® aeration membranes are low on maintenance. This means that the membranes last for a long time without significant maintenance having to be done on the discs, under normal operating conditions.

The ENTEC® aeration membrane can be used from a very low air flow rate 0.5 m3 / h and can be used up to a very high air flow rate 8 m3 / h (peak value). Thanks to this range, the ENTEC® aeration membrane can be used in a wide variety of situations.

When the aeration system is to be stopped, the non-return valve integrated in the diaphragm will close the aeration disc. The non-return valve consists of two parts. Firstly all notches in the membrane will close, creating a watertight membrane and secondly the middle non-perforated part of the membrane will close off the air supply.

In addition to fine bubble aerators, Entec also supplies other aeration installations. Click here for the complete overview.